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What do you think about the recent explosions in Tbilisi?

Monday, November 29
What happened on Marjanishvili Street was really very bad; I offer condolences to the dead womanís family. As far as I understand, it was not an accidental event Ė somebody did it deliberately. I canít be sure, but it looks like an act of terrorism.
Natia, Manager, 29

It is very difficult to talk about this issue, as the reasons might be several and some even unimaginable. One thing I can say is that lately such events are becoming more frequent. I can remember the explosion near the Embassy of the United States. Maybe the explosions are aimed at frightening certain forces in the country.
Gia, Sociologist, 41

An explosion took place near the Labour party office. It is the most radical political faction in the country and all the time they warn people of possible negative changes from the authorities. I think that the explosion was targeted against the party to terrorise them.
Nino, Housewife, 34

I think it was an attempt to intimidate the opposition which dared to express their point of view last week. Talking about international terrorism would be exaggerated I think. This is all connected with the struggle between the opposition and the government.
Nugzari, Businessman, 47

I donít really know what to think. Maybe it is Russia trying to scare the population and the government, or maybe it is the government trying to scare the opposition. Letís see what the investigation will show; however in Georgia you can never be sure if the results of the investigation are trustworthy or not.
Natela, Biologist, 50

I am afraid it might be connected with our participation in Afghanistan mission. However, who knows? Letís be optimistic and hope that Georgia is not a new target for terrorists.
Ia, PR manager, 28

I have just heard about the explosions which took place early on Sunday and I have become so worried! Iím so sorry for the victim of the incident but thank God no-one else was affected! I think our law enforcers have to investigate the situation properly.
Liana, Pensioner, 64

There have been several explosions in Tbilisi during the past few months which I think are aimed at frightening the peaceful citizens. I wish that everything would be over with no more victims like Sunday or the situation between the people and the Government will become more tense as we, the ordinary citizens rely on them to ensure peace in our country.
Irakli, Student, 19