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According to what principles should ambassadors be appointed and when are their pre-term dismissals justified, in your eyes?

Tuesday, November 30
Everything in life has its rules and we, the people should obey them. If a person is well-educated, experienced and successful in his diplomatic activities why should he be removed from his position without a particular reason? Everything our Government does seems to be senseless because the whole dip corps shouldnít be reshuffled because of one or two men and thatís also concerning to all the state or public stakeholders in any country.
Irakli, Lawyer, 34

The diplomatic service is one of the most important for the country, as much depends on the ambassador, on his various activities in many areas for the countryís advance and development, for economic growth and so on. He should be a good, balanced diplomat, educated, with good communication skills and should have a good international contacts.
Gia, PR manager, 29

Well, educated first of all and professional diplomat, however, education, professionalism and such things are not enough for the post, unfortunately, in Georgia. The most important is how influential relative somebody has; there are some exceptions of course.
Natia, Housewife, 32

There is really a very paradoxical situation in Georgia, not just in this, in all directions. For example, a man is appointed as a minister of health and he is a doctor or has some contact with this field and then on the second day, he is appointed minister of justice. Almost all our ministers are appointed or removed like this. As for ambassadors, I have lived in different countries and I can say that our embassies do not work well. How can they work accordingly when the diplomats are changed so frequently?
Davit, Businessman, 35

I think diplomacy is the greatest skill which needs relevant working experience. Not everyone can be an important ambassador I mean each country has its own internal diplomatic policy and when our diplomatic corps is being reshuffled to different countries, it is at least confusing and annoying for everyone Ė itís not a game but a life style and I am definitely against any changes within this system.
Marex, Political Analyst, 22

Ambassadors are our representatives in various states and are treated with respect. I canít understand the point of changing their positions annually? Doesnít a person have to work at the particular position for years? I canít really make sense in the constant reshuffle in our country. I really want to know if other countries also act like us, or are we the only ďmodernĒ country?
Nugzar, Economist, 68

Well first of all any diplomat should be able to negotiate, to talk with people and find a common language with them. At the same time they should be well-educated and well-mannered. It is not up to me to decide when the ambassadors should be removed or appointed. It is up to the government and I think they know what they are doing. At least I hope so.
Teo, Junior Doctor, 26

I donít think the ambassadors will be able to work effectively if they are removed from their posts frequently. They need some time to familiarise themselves with the country where they are appointed and this might take one or two years even, as far ask I know. He should build up contacts with important people in the country; otherwise he wonít be able to accomplish his duties well.
Levan, Lawyer, 34