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Echo of Tbilisi blasts

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, December 1
Overnight from November 28 to 29 two blasts were heard within an interval of about one hour in Tbilisi; first in the centre on Javakhishvili Street and then in Mukhiani District. Houses around the blasts incurred material losses, windows were broken, somewhere even the window frames were damaged and what is more tragic the shattered blown out glass wounded a lady on Javakhishvili Street, who later died in hospital. An investigation is underway and it is premature to draw any conclusions, however the opposition is already blaming the authorities for their negligence.

What is more significant is the fact that the both explosions were carried out with the same explosive substances. People are scared as there is lack of information about who is responsible and will the series of the explosions continue. Journalists immediately recalled that just two months ago on September 21 there was an explosion not very far from the US embassy in Digomi district, and on October 22 there was an explosion at Tbilisi railway station in the direction of Borjomi; fortunately there were no casualties in either of these cases.

The first official statement was made by Parliamentary Chair, Davit Bakradze who identified the explosions as the attempt of “some forces” to destabilise the situation in the country. He said that there are forces either inside or outside the country, who want to present Georgia as an instable state and that is their attempt to do so. Davit Bakradze asked politicians and society to pay serious attention to the discovery of foreign agents in the country. However he ended up by mentioning that there are no hints in his statement regarding anyone or any country.

Meanwhile some opposition members point the finger directly at the ruling authorities. The basis for such allegations is the fact that the Javakhishvili Street explosion occurred just in front of the Labour Party headquarters. Labour Party members immediately stated this action was directed against their opposition party, while their leader, Shalva Natelashvili predicts that more “terrorist actions” are to be expected from the ruling authorities. The Party described the explosion as terrorist attack, placing all the blame on the ruling administration. One of the leaders of the New Rights, Manana Nachkebia mentioned that because of the dire social conditions to prevent social revolt, the authorities are trying to frighten the public.

Analysts also believe that the responsibility for peace, order and stability in the country is a heavy burden on the shoulders of the government, which is why it has demanded an immediate and efficient investigation of the details of the recent explosions. Otherwise, according to the analysts, the doubts and suspicions concerning the official position will give way to further rumors. All the questions should be answered as soon as possible. Who is behind the explosions? Why was it done? And more essential and more important is the question whether there is a threat that such explosions will continue or whether they are just exceptions?