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Georgia and Wikileaks

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, December 2
Wikileaks webpage materials have become a matter of world scandal, including Georgia. The information revealed details of what really goes on in the political backstage, showing politics in a very cynical light. The world received information on how political figures and apparent friends actually think of each other. It revealed some awkward and clumsy phrases and the scandal is continuing. Altogether several thousand documents have already been made public and, it is presumed, more than 250 thousand documents will eventually be released. They are published individually so that the scandal is likely to run and run.

Of course Georgia is not the number one topic for the Wikileaks scandal, however there are already some documents, which give extra details about the 08.08.08 war. In particular it is very interesting to see who started the war and although Moscow and Tbilisi are interpreting the situation differently, the preliminary study of the documents show that Russia's claim that Georgia started the hostilities could be under a big question mark. Officially, Tbilisi has already responded to the “news” and chair of the Parliament Davit Bakradze stated that once again it has become clear that Georgia was a victim and not an aggressor. Though there are some other details, which show the shortcomings of Georgian policymakers during the war. For instance, Georgian Foreign Ministry already had to defend the statement by the Georgian ambassador to Latvia, Konstantin Korkelia, who labeled Georgia’s move as an “occupation of South Ossetia.” But as Wikileaks authorities promise, this is only the beginning as further detailed information will be distributed little by little. As they promise, there are 1735 documents about Armenia, 1569 documents about Azerbaijan and 1167 about Georgia waiting to be published. So the South Caucasus should be expecting more scandalous information.

President Saakashvili’s press service has not made any official statement on his behalf and, like the whole world, the Georgian ruling administration is on standby mode waiting for further new scandalous information to be revealed. So, first the documents should appear, then they will be followed by the questions and later, the time will come to answer those questions. So Georgia, as well as the whole world, is in suspense. What’s next?