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Thursday, December 2
Nika Gilauri – Georgia is One of the Key Exporters Region-Wide

Georgia is one of the main players concerning reform exportation in the region. The statement was made by Georgia’s Prime Minister at the governmental session yesterday. Gilauri referred to the World Bank conference held in Tbilisi attended by 30 country representatives.

According to the Premier, WB nominated Georgia to be the number 1 reformer in 2005-2010.

“174 countries were studied and World Bank rendered Georgia the first in the list according to the number of reforms conducted with the goal of business facilitation for the private sector.

Gilauri said that the guests studied the reforms undertaken in the Ministries of Finance, Revenue Service, MIA and Justice and they will implement them in their countries as well. “Georgia is an exporter and this is important for international policy”, Gilauri added. (Interpressnews)

No More State Credits in Georgia’s Energy Sector

Georgia’s Minister of Energetic Alexander Khetaguri has commented on investor interests in the Georgian energy sector. Khetaguri told journalists that the Government won’t take any additional credits in the sphere.

The Minister highly evaluates the visits of Kuwait and France. “There were meetings with Kuwait Investment Agency, Finance House and Kuwait Fund. The Agency and the House are considered investors for Georgia and the Fund is a donor organization issuing credits”, Khetaguri added.

He said that Georgia’s government has already received a loan from Kuwait Fund for road maintenance.

“We have already identified the strategic mainstream, this is infrastructure development, building new transmission lines”, the Minister said.

Georgia has signed an agreement with the European Bank of Development and Reconstruction, European Investment Bank and Germany Reconstruction Bank concerning the 260 million USD loan deliveries. The sums are spent on building a new transmission line with Turkey that is due to finish in May 2012. (Interpressnews)

Georgia to be Member of European Air space

An agreement will be signed between Georgia and EU on joint air space in Brussels tomorrow.

‘This is the first agreement of this type. The document will not only make Georgia part of the European joint air space, but give change to the new aviation companies to enter Georgian market. New working places will be created on Georgian aviation market,’ Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Vera Kobalia said.

The agreement will be signed by Vera Kobalia from the Georgian side. (Interpressnews)

Three Georgians released in Qatar

Qatar police have released three Georgian nationals, who were arrested a few weeks ago for residing in the country illegally. They will be deported from the country on December 3, 2010. However, the dispute between the three Georgians and their employer continues. One more Georgian national will remain in Qatar because he has arranged all necessary documents. He has already filed a lawsuit against a local businessman.

Georgians are accusing their employer of ignoring the terms of the employment agreement and say that he did not pay them their deserved salary. The employer has made complaints towards the three Georgians, accusing them of misappropriation of company funds. (Rustavi 2)

Six people arrested for money extortion

Ministry of Interior has arrested six people suspected of illegal personal bets and money extortion. Mamuka Kvizhinadze, Vasil Lursmanashvili and their four companions were detained for attempting to extort money won by illegal bets with the help of criminal authorities.

Lursmanashvili was one of the key figures in the case of footballer Giorgi Demetradze, who was arrested several months ago with the same charges, however, the police failed to arrest him on that occasion. Another criminal figure in the same case was Vato Khipiani who lives in Ukraine.

The Ministry of Interior will release video evidence and report the details of the criminal activities of the gang later today. (Rustavi 2)

CDM faction holds enlarged session on regional issues

Faction Christian Democrats have held an enlarged session to discuss the new legislative initiative regarding the state strategy for the development of mountainous regions.

The members of the opposition party said the situation should be radically changed in the mountains in social and economic sectors via legislative amendments. They said the territorial entities should be determined with the status of mountainous regions. Another initiative is that the teachers and doctors working in these regions should have twice the salary others have in the rest of the regions.

The opposition faction discussed the initiatives with the scholars and experts today. They plan to submit a draft law to parliament for discussion after the consultations is over. (Rustavi 2)

Manchester makes offer for Georgian footballer

Popular website has reported some transfer speculation surrounding Georgian footballer Jano Ananidze. The site reports that Manchester City have reportedly made an offer for Spartak Moskva midfielder Jano Ananidze. The Eastlands outfit have bid ˆ6 million for the 18-year-old`s services.

Ananidze is a highly talented and versatile attacking midfielder, who can also play as a winger or support striker. The Georgian is considered a wonder-kid in his home land and is deemed one of the brightest talents in the Russian Premier League. Ananidze has a natural playmaking style, which includes pace, technique, dynamic movement, excellent vision and great passing abilities.

Ananidze is contracted to Spartak Moskva until 2014. (Rustavi 2)

Second case of H1N1 flu confirmed

The National Centre of Disease Control has confirmed the second case of H1N1 viral infection. A young woman is undergoing treatment at home after laboratory tests proved that she was infected with the H1N1. Doctors say her health state is stable and there is no need for hospital treatment.

The experts of the National Centre of Disease Control say that it is quite possible that the number of the H1N1 infection cases will grow as the temperature falls; however, it is not a reason for panic, because the country has sufficient reserves of medicines. (Rustavi 2)