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Compiled by Mzia Kupunia
Thursday, December 2
Irakli Melashvili leaves National Forum

Irakli Melashvili’s departure from the National Forum has been confirmed, 24 Saati reports. According to his spouse, head of the Party’s press service, Magda Popiashvili, she also left her position. Popiashvili noted that Melashvili left not only the Party, but also politics, however she did not specify the reasons for Melashvili’s decision.

Interpress news agency reported that allegedly the decision is connected with the different points of view on National Assembly. There is no information about the field in which Irakli Melashvili will carry on his activities.

Parliament to adopt Labour Code

Parliament will adopt draft laws on Labour Code and pension reform before closing the Autumn session, Sakartvelos Respublika reports. The initiative on adopting the draft laws will be submitted to the next Bureau Session. According to the Government’s Parliamentary Secretary, Gia Khuroshvili, the consultations on these issues will continue next week as well and in order to finally draw up positions, the Government has requested to delay the initiation of the draft at the Bureau Session for a week. “It will be a joint package, converging pension and social allowance, however what kind of social allowances will be envisaged, should be decided during consultations,” Khuroshvili noted.

In addition the government has requested that parliament adopts some more law initiatives before the end of fall sessions, including, the amendments to the Tax Code and the law on tobacco control.

160 thousand schoolchildren to get textbooks for free

In 2011, free textbooks will be delivered to the schoolchildren of the families below the poverty line, the leader of the Christian-Democratic Movement, MP Giorgi Targamadze said after meeting with the Prime Minister, Sakartvelos Respublika reports. “There are several principally important issues, on which we managed to reach agreement with the Premier,” Targamadze noted “In particular, the people from the families below the poverty line, will get free textbooks,” he said, adding that it means 160 thousand schoolchildren will be provided with free textbooks.

According to Targamadze, he raised the issue of increasing state grants for students as well at the meeting with Gilauri. However, the MP said that no agreement was reached on this. The leader of the Parliamentary minority group noted that Gilauri promised that the government will “do its best” to help the students from the villages damaged during the August 2008 war to pay university fees.