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How successful/unsuccessful in your opinion have the results of the Rose Revolution been for Georgia?

Thursday, December 2
I think that everything has its pros and cons. Much has been done after the revolution in Georgia, there are not so many problems now, which were so serious and painful for people at that time, like electricity problems, roads, darkness and so on. A lot of successful reforms have been carried out. As for the negative side, our authorities try to make Georgia equal to European countries and do not consider the economic condition of people here, which leaves people in an extremely hard situation and results in aggression and irritation towards the authorities.
Gia, Painter, 34

Most of our citizens are unemployed and beyond the poverty line. 20% of our territories are lost. The country’s economy is collapsing. We are dependent on imported products. Business in the country is also failed, as it is not supported by the authorities. Our president is a brilliant orator; in his speeches to the international community, others believe that everything is going on perfectly inside the country, which is the greatest lie. These are the “successful” results of the rose revolution.
Davit, Psychologist, 43

There are positive moves in the country and it is obvious in some directions, especially from the international point of view. Herewith, Georgia is becoming a more European country than the other former Soviet Union countries. One of the greatest shortcomings of the present authorities is that things are not done prudently. For example, they state that the economy is being developed but how can it be developed without factories and some other institutions like this, our economy is practically based on criminals. Authorities arrest some rich criminal and he pays a lot of money for his release, which is one of the main sources of the budget.
Natia, Economist, 54

I can not state that the Shevadnadze period was better, however the present authorities are acting unacceptably and they should be responded to adequately by the people, very soon. I don’t care how the ministers or the president speak and in how many languages when my children are hungry and all my salary is spent in two weeks, due to such high prices. At the same time, I am a refugee and the state does not help me. How should I be pleased and call the rose revolution successful?
Nodar, Refugee, 51

“I can’t say that the Rose Revolution brought totally positive or totally negative results. I would say that it is 50/50. Now we have 24 hour electricity and water, good roads and beautiful Tbilisi, however we don’t have enough jobs, we lack freedom of speech, we still have 20 percent of our territories under Russian occupation. If all the problems I mentioned are resolved, I will happily declare that I am Mikheil Saakashvili’s biggest fan. Let’s see.”
Ketino, unemployed, 45

“I think the problem of revolutions is that people always expect rapid changes for better once the previous government is overthrown. However things never change overnight. We should realize that Saakashvili is not a messiah he is just a man who can’t make miracles.”
Ivane, pensioner, 70

“I can definitely say that my high expectations have been frustrated, especially after the August war. Saakashvili promised a lot and did much less. That’s all I can say. I don’t really want to portray things in very dark colours, but the reality is worse than we would like to have.”
Lela, accountant, 40