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Hilary Clinton and Karabakh conflict resolution

Friday, December 3
During the Astana OSCE Summit, US State Secretary Hilary Clinton highlighted the major principles in resolving the Karabakh conflict. They consist of various issues, the most important of which are the non-use of force as well as respecting territorial integrity and self-determination. According to Secretary Clinton, the details and elements represent the whole entity and while neither of those principles is prevailing, all of them should be respected and observed simultaneously. The major principles are: return of the Armenia-occupied territories of Azerbaijan, granting Karabakh intermediate status, establishing a corridor between Armenia and Karabakh, determining legal status for Karabakh, return of all the IDPs and refugees to the places of their original dwelling and international guarantees of security. Now it is the turn of the conflicting sides to accept the recommendations and express their commitments and start moving in this direction.