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Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 3
On November 30, an analyst from the Armenian Political Research Institute, Levon Ovsepyan made the statement that according to his information, Turkey and Azerbaijan concluded a secret agreement under which Baku will not start any military activities without preliminary endorsement from Ankara. Meanwhile, as Ovsepyan reported, Turkey is making efforts in training, equipping and organizing Azerbaijani military forces. Thousands of Azerbaijani servicemen are being trained in Turkey, whereas Turkish military experts conduct training of Azeri troops in Azerbaijan. Ovsepyan thinks that Turkey intends to completely control the Azeri army. Two countries are carrying out very intense cooperation in producing military equipment jointly. In addition, Turkey provides military equipment to Azerbaijan, thinks Ovsepyan. Another analyst from the same institute, Vladimir Ivanov concentrated on the military cooperation between Georgia and Turkey. As Ivanov concludes, Turkey plans to create a very strong alliance between the three countries.