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What’s your opinion on the OSCE Astana summit, what kind of practical results do you expect from it?

Friday, December 3
I think that all such kinds of summits and conferences are one and the same, as they are mainly targeted on speeches, talks and not on practical outcomes. I don’t expect anything real for Georgian problems settlement from the summit.
Gela, Engineer, 31

Georgia has gained serious international support and this was also proved in the frame of the summit. May be, at the present moment, in the short term perspective, no positive moves are vivid, but I am optimistic and believe that Russia would not ignore such international pressure.
Nodar, Sociologist, 29

It is not important what I say, as the main player in Georgian problems, Russia has one more time fixed its attitude and stated that it will not play a positive role in the issue of conflict regulation. If Russia is not interested, how might the problem be solved?
Nino, Doctor,43

To be honest, even from the beginning I did not anticipate any positive and practical outcome from the summit. Russia always ignores the international community and it is not just bad for you, but for the whole world. All of the civilized world should try to adopt some plan or mechanism to somehow control the dangerous Russians.
Davit, Historian, 54

“I think Russia received a punch in the nose from the international society at this summit because of its occupation of Georgia’s territories. This is what Putin and Medvedev deserve. As for practical results, I think Russia will think twice now before committing any illegal act against Georgia, because the international society is really with us.”
Natia, lawyer, 26

“As usual the statements will remain as statements and no practical steps will follow. Although world leaders tell Russia to recall its recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, they don’t really press Russia in order to force Moscow to do so in reality.”
Phridon, student, 23

“I think it was a very important summit, particularly for Georgia. I cannot speculate about practical results of the decisions made at the summit in advance, however I think it was very positive for us.”
Zhana, PR specialist, 30

“I did not follow the developments of the summit. Honestly, I think that those summits are held just to waste money. They make declarations and resolutions, but we get zero results. So, no need to have high hopes.”
Gocha, insurance agent, 34