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Tuesday, December 7
Monday’s Munich Flight postponed

Monday morning’s Tbilisi-Munich flight was postponed due to a technical disorder with the plane. The aeroplane departed at 05:03 on Monday as scheduled, but circled over Tbilisi for 45 minutes before re-landing. Staff at Lufthansa Air Company and the Tbilisi International Airport have not yet commented on the reasons for the problems with the flight. Passengers however said the plane had problems with the internal pressure, which prevented the pilots flying on.
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Delayed flight prevents Vashadze leaving for Brussels

Grigol Vashadze, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, was unable to leave for Brussels because of postponement of the Tbilisi-Munich flight on December 6.

Grigol Vashadze was to attend the 11th assembly of the Georgia-EU Cooperation Council, Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze said at Monday’s briefing.

“The flight was postponed because of technical problems. The Georgian delegation will be represented by the Georgian ambassador at the assembly,” Nino Kalandadze said.

The assembly will discuss topical issues of Georgia-EU cooperation.

US ambassador, Defence Minister visit Krtsanisi training field

US Ambassador to Georgia, John Bass and the Minister of Defence of Georgia, Bacho Akhalaia visited Krtsanisi military training field in Tbilisi on Monday and together observed the training process.

The minister and the ambassador also attended simulated training on the military base. Bacho Akhalaia said it was the central base in Georgia, where both recruits and officers underwent professional training.

“We have made serious progress in the field of simulated training, in particular. We have significant results in this area. The ambassador watched the training process of the 32nd battalion and the units, which will soon be sent to Afghanistan soon,” Bacho Akhalaia.

In turn, the ambassador said progress was obvious. John Bass thanked the Georgian government for its political course and its contribution to the international peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan. He said Georgia played a great role in that mission.
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Rescuers and police save young man from drowning

Rescuers and patrol police saved a young man from drowning late Sunday night. They arrived at the bank of the river Mtkvari and pulled the man out of water in time. After providing first aid and questioning the man, the patrol police officers took him home.

The police suspect that the man might have jumped into the river as an act of suicide.
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Gia Murghulia awarded Presidential Order of Brilliance

Under the president’s order, Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkin awarded philologist, PhD, Principal of Tbilisi Public School ¹24, Gia Murghulia with an Order of Excellence for his successful pedagogical activities.

According to the Minister, this is the first time, the Government has awarded this order to a school principal.
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Social Problems are Important, but we cannot focus on them - Nona Gaprindashvili

Nona Gaprindashvili, one of the leaders of the People’s Assembly, says social problems are important but they cannot focus on them alone.

People are equally concerned over unemployment, price increases, healthcare, education, injustice and other problems, Nona Gaprindashvili told InterpressNews.

Earlier, Koba Davitashvili, leader of the People’s Party, advised the People’s Assembly to focus on social problems.

Chief of Staff of Latvian Armed Forces visits Georgia

The chief of staff of Latvian armed forces Rymonds Graube visited the Krtsanisi military training field on Monday. Together with his Georgian counterpart, Devi Chankotadze, the guest viewed the training process and paid wreath at the cemetery of Georgian soldiers in Mukhatgverdi.

The sides discussed participation of Georgia in the ISAF mission. Georgian Chief of Staff of Armed Forces thanked Latvia for its assistance to Georgian soldiers who were heavily wounded in the August war in 2008.

The sides shared experience in the military training sphere. The guest said he was astonished with the training process and the modern technologies, which he said; they did not have in Latvia.
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