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Tuesday, December 7
Public Assembly initiators should participate in improving the election environment

Public Assembly initiators should participate in the election environment improvements, Conservative Party co-leader Kakha Kukava told The Versia newspaper. He said that the Party does not consider the Assembly as a way to change the current government. “We simply show solidarity towards all political forces and towards their protest. I am ready to cooperate with this opposition force, however if they will gather and ask our opinion, we will tell them that the Assembly initiators should get involved in improving the election environment in the country,” he noted, adding that it does not mean that the members of the Assembly should write election code paragraphs and articles personally. “We mean that there should not be two camps and strategies inside the opposition, otherwise the apolitical faces will not have any will to decide political issues…The main thing is to draw up a position within the Assembly to consider the improvement of the election environment as a way of changing the government,” Kukava said in his interview.

The opposition politician said his party is not going to boycott the Assembly. “They have their own point of view and we have our own. The Council exists exactly for this reason – to hold a discussion. Moreover, we have additional arguments following the November 25 events – there are no prospects for changing the leadership of the country in any way other than through the elections. Our task is not to curse the people who were hoping that the government would be changed on November 25 and whose hopes were frustrated,” Kukava said. “The strategy of the Assembly should be clearer and more result-oriented. In order to realise all this, political levers are needed. But they do not have these political levers. That’s why we are telling them that the political instrument is elections,” he added.

Gyratory on Heroes Square create more traffic jams

Despite the fact that a European-standard gyratory flyover system has been built on Heroes’ Square in Tbilisi, traffic jams have still not eased at this site, Rezonansi reports. Moreover, during rush hours quite big traffic jams are being created at the square, causing the irritation of drivers and passengers. However, before the construction works began, President Saakashvili and Tbilisi Mayor Ugulava claimed that with the opening of even one part of the flyover system, traffic movement in the capital would become less dense.

Construction of the Varaziskhevi-Tamarashvili connecting highway is almost complete, however the traffic jam problems have not been solved in the capital of Georgia. Traffic jams are just as bad as they were previously, moreover, due to the narrowing of the road, very often, especially during rush hours it is practically impossible to drive around the square. The gyratory system has caused even more congestion of the site, instead of easing it. According to expert in traffic issues, Zviad Kandelaki, “a number of complex works should be carried out to ease traffic in the capital. A special project should be drafted. This hasty new flyover project has not given good results.”