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Thursday, December 9
Dimitri Lortkipanidze: 23 year old prisoner died from Tuberculosis

Opposition MP Dimitri Lortkipanidze addressed PM Nika Gilauri and asked him to take measures with regard to the situation in the penitentiary system of Georgia, Rezonansi writes. Lortkipanidze talked about several cases of Tuberculosis in prisons at the session of the parliament. According to him, several days ago a 23 year old prisoner died from this disease. Lortkipanidze says that more and more prisoners are getting ill from Tuberculosis and there is a serious threat that this disease could spread among other prisoners.

The MP says that the administration of the penitentiary cannot resolve this problem alone and that the government should be involved to improve the conditions in prisons. “We should try to prevent this disease from spreading, as each prisoner is under serious threat,” he said.

Economic Minister requested to visit parliament

Faction Christian Democrats have summoned the Minister of Economics and Sustainable Development to parliament for explanations regarding the situation in the aviation business sector, Akhali Taoba reports.

The opposition MPs say the situation in the aviation sector is very strained and it may soon be followed with similar sanctions as were faced by the marine sector of the country. The European Union has prohibited sailing of Georgian ships due to incompetence and negligence and alleged corruption in the Marine Department, the staff of which has been dismissed after the EU sanctions.

Christian Democrats say the registration procedures for air companies is very simplified in the country, as a result of which many companies of dubious reputation are registered here. The opposition party calls upon the government to tighten registration procedures and requirements for air companies to avoid new problems in this sector.