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Do you think dialogue between Georgians and people from its occupied territories will help to promote a peaceful feature in the country?

Thursday, December 9
“People play an important role in promoting peaceful cooperation among the sides; moreover people living on the occupied territories are Georgians and always will be!”
Merab, Pensioner, 67

“Dialogue is generally a wonderful way out of harsh situations in any case. I deeply believe in the readiness of the sides to establish normal cooperation despite all the political events which took place in recent years. God bless us all and show us the way to peace!”
Tinatin, Teacher, 44

“I think the only possibility of starting dialogue between Georgia and its breakaway region, is to start people-to people dialogue. There is no way that the Georgian government will negotiate with de facto regimes. I hope the Abkhazian and Ossetian people will sooner or later realise that they belong to Georgia and not to Russia.”
Tina, dentist, 40

“Yes, absolutely. The more we will have in common, the more complicated it will be for Russia to dominate in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It is not only the government’s responsibility to restore Georgia’s territorial integrity, but also it is the responsibility of every citizen of Georgia.”
Soso, pensioner, 67

“I am not so optimistic about the chances of dialogue between the people in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and the rest of Georgia. I think the bonds have collapsed long ago thanks to Russia’s ideological propaganda in those regions.”
Akaki, lawyer, 30

I think that much depends on the authorities and negotiations and relations between them, rather than relations between the people. Of course, it will have some positive influence on the situation but not decisive.
Tornike, PR Manager, 29

If no one lets you into the regions even though they are our territory, what kind of relations can we have? At the present moment, people do not have any relations with each other and very significant psychological influences are being imposed on them. If the young generation, which has no opinion on our past relations and real historical past, is brought up with hatred, this would be a very bad thing for our relations with the occupied regions.
Tamaz, Historian, 52

I believe that people can change everything positively. If people living there realize that the Russians are occupants and their so called authorities have committed crimes against them, it would be the greatest step forward for making peace in the country and reintegrating those regions.
Tinatin, Teacher, 34