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US Senate discussing Georgia's occupation

By Messenger Staff
Monday, December 13
The US Senate is discussing a resolution which could once again confirm Washington’s support to Tbilisi. The document could be adopted before 2011. The draft project touches upon different issues including territorial integrity, de occupation and ethnic cleansing. Of course, one should be realistic and nobody should believe that any such documents mean that Georgia’s problems will be solved immediately, however the adoption of such resolutions mean that Russia’s policy is not accepted. Since the term ‘occupation’ was used for the first time by the western politicians, the Georgian government tries its best to persuade the world community to use this phrase in all official documents. So, in this regard, a possible adoption of the resolution with this terminology will be one more confirmation of world support for Georgia. If adopted, this document will be piling official US pressure on Moscow. First of all, in terms of allowing IDPs to return back to their places of permanent residence. This document could also be used for demanding that Moscow fulfils its commitments they made in the August 2008 agreement. This resolution will be the tool to demand that Russia allows different types of international missions in the occupied territories.

It is very interesting that both of the parties, republicans and Democrats, are jointly preparing the text of the resolution, meaning that US policy makers are seriously concerned about the fate of Georgia. The adoption of this document would prevent Russia’s aggressive plans to launch further military attacks on Georgia. At least that is the perception from Tbilisi.

This document will also carry a message to the world community, specifically those countries who might be considering giving in to Russian pressure, whether it is through blackmail or bribes, with the goal of recognizing its puppet regimes as independent states.

If the document is approved it will give ground for Russia to seriously consider its conduct. Russia desperately needs good relations with the west and it is becoming aware that, unless it plays by the rules, its chances of achieving such relations are very low.

With this in mind, Georgia should be realistic and not expect that Russia will become a civilized country in the twinkle of an eye. Imperialistic ambitions in the Kremlin are too strong and by suppressing Georgia, Moscow pursues even greater goals, establishing first its military then economical and demographical control on the south Caucasus. The occupied territories are only its first step. The Kremlin will also continue to encourage anti-Georgian groups inside the country increasing, or at least attempting to increase, its agents network in Georgia masterminding different subversive actions or terrorist attacks, pressurizing the Georgian population inside the occupied territories and at the adjacent areas.

If the US senate adopts the document it would be the manifestation of US support to Georgia. But this should be materialized not only verbally and financially, but with practical support such as providing Georgia with defensive arms like anti tank and anti aircraft devices, efficient air defence system, further military training and so on.