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Tuesday, December 14
Tbilisi to chair ENP working group

Tbilisi has been elected the president city of the European Neighbourhood Policy working group. Since December 2009, the Georgian capital has been the vice-president of the same group.

Tbilisi is the only city in an Eastern European state, which will chair the working group thanks to the support of the EU cities, thus taking a significant place beside seventeen European cities.

The decision on electing the Georgian capital as the president city for the ENP working group was taken at the annual meeting of the network of European cities held in Saragossa, Spain. At the meeting, the municipal authorities presented the mottos of their cities, the motto of Tbilisi - The City Which Loves You, was among them.
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Nani Bregvadze Confirms Concert-Related Announcement

Nani Bregvadze confirmed the announcement concerning her concert to be held in Moscow. She has accepted the offer from Bauman Technical University . “I think I didn’t have to reject the proposal. There will be students and professors there. I was told there would not be any political implications. However, I will ask Georgia’s Ministry of Culture whether I am doing something wrong. I will get through it with the Ministry today”, Bregvadze said.

Posters have appeared in the Russian capital announcing a concert to be held by Nani Bregvadze. According to them, the concert will be given in Culture Palace of Bauman University in Moscow on December 24.

The Event scheduled at 19:00 is titled “Voice of the Heart”. The Georgian singer will perform compositions on Alexander Sariev accompaniment.

The Bauman Technical University official website also releases the information.

As an InterPressNews Moscow correspondent was told in one of the booking offices in Arbat, ticket price vary from 1000 to 5000 roubles.

Eka Mamaladze, a daughter of the singer, stated that she had no information about the scheduled concert in Moscow.

Tornike Gordadze Met Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Krzysztof Stanovsky

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Tornike Gordadze met his Polish counterpart Krzysztof Stanovsky yesterday .

They discussed Georgia-Poland relations and the importance of projects taking place in Georgia in the framework of Poland’s development programme, the necessity of cooperation between the regions and future perspectives were emphasized.

Energy issues and Georgia-EU relations were also discussed.

32nd batallion arrives in Afghanistan

The 32nd battalion of the Georgian armed forces has arrived in Afghanistan. Georgian soldiers will serve within the ISAF mission in one of the most volatile regions of the conflict, the Helmand Province.

Their duties are to patrol the province permanently, fight terrorism, regulate relations with locals and provide first medical aid if required.

US military authorities have hailed the service of Georgian soldiers as one of the exemplary participants of the mission.
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Georgia’s Position on Possible Purchase of Gas Pipeline Section by Socar Still Uncertain

Georgia has no confirmed opinion concerning the purchase of a Georgian section of the main gas pipeline by Azerbaijanian “Socar”. Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze made the statement at a briefing yesterday.

“We have no certain position so far. We can only confirm our readiness. The Company conducts interesting full-scale projects in Georgia. Consequently, we usually make decisions considering the mutual interests of both countries”, Kalandadze said.

According to the allegations, Azerbaijanian Socar is willing to buy the Georgian section of the gas pipeline that ensures gas provision to Armenia from Russia. It is causing concern in Armenia insofar as Baku canl presumably use it to blackmail Yerevan.

American judge delivered lecture at TSU

The chairperson of the US Legal Conference Committee, John Tanheim has delivered a lecture to Georgian students at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University regarding jury trials, which is a novelty in Georgian judiciary. Students and the lecturers of the TSU were attending the lecture together. John Tanheim explained the details of how the jury trials work in America.

”I talked to Georgian students about the jury trials as we have in America. I was very interested that the Georgians have decided to start jury trials here. We have been helping everyone to understand how they work,` John Tanheim told journalists.
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