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Do you have any objections to Georgian singers performing for a Russian audience?

Tuesday, December 14
Definitely not! I absolutely welcome Georgian singers’ participation in Russian events as well as Russian guests visiting our country. I think cultural cooperation between the neighboring sides would positively affect the political misunderstandings.
Irma, Housewife, 48

You can’t imagine how surprised I have been to hear about Nani Bregvadze’s concert in Moscow not because I’m against this but because I wonder how she “dared” to act “against” the state. I am definitely opposed about our Government’s attitude towards people performing in “our enemy” country.
Nikoloz, Architect, 24

I don't like such cultural borders at all. Even though I am not a fan of Russian pop I don't think Georgians should ignore it at all. I like Tchaikovski and when I usually listen to his music I don’t care about politics. Some Russians like Nani Bregvadze, Buba Kikabidze, etc and let them listen to it too.
Sopho, Journalist, 22

I really have nothing against this. If someone thinks like this, it means that Georgia should not have any kinds of relations with Russia. Everyone says that relations with Russia should be regulated and such kinds of events would be more positive than negative.
Gia, Painter, 43

Russian cultural figures come to Georgia and sing for us, I’ve just remembered the Iavnana Concert several days ago. I have many Russian friends and it would be very painful if I could not see them. Politics should not make an influence on cultural relations as culture is a very different and sensitive field.
Tamuna, Musician, 31

Russia is occupying our territories and frequently makes anti Georgian statements. They should feel the lack of our culture and at the present moment, I do not really welcome such decisions from Georgian singers or cultural figures.
Tsotne, Engineer, 29

“Well it is up to those singers. If I were a singer or an actress, I would not feel comfortable performing in Moscow or elsewhere in Russia. It is a personal choice and nobody can tell a singer not to go to Russia and hold concerts there. However, again I would never do that.”
Tea, insurance agent, 30

“It is not something that should be welcomed, however of course we should consider the financial side of this. In Georgia, concerts are being held only on New Year or on the anniversary of the Rose Revolution, so big concerts happen only 2-3 times a year. Imagine what kind of difficulties our singers are facing? They have no option other than going abroad and performing there and the easiest available place to do this is Russia unfortunately.”
Mediko,doctor, 56

“I would suggest Georgian culture representatives refrain from going to Russia and performing there. It feels very wrong to sing in front of the Russian audience just two years after the Russian planes were bombing Georgia and when Russia is occupying Abkhazia and South Ossetia so arrogantly.”
Shorena, unemployed, 22