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Do you think that the ruling administration and the opposition made a deal in 2008?

Thursday, December 16
“I was sure about this even before any materials were published in newspapers. It was very suspicious when the opposition leaders decided to end the rallies, wasn’t it? I have lost trust in the opposition ever since. I was expecting that information like this would eventually be leaked and become known to the public.”
Nana, housewife, 45

“It is very hard to believe that Gachechiladze took GEL 2 million and nobody else knew about it among the opposition members. Either the opposition leaders received a share of this money, or this entire story is fully fabricated. I am not in a position to make any conclusions so far. Let’s see if an investigation will be launched.”
Dato, engineer, 52

“It is very tiring to hear about these political scandals every day on TV. Will Georgia ever become a normal, peaceful place to live in? I doubt it. I don’t trust either the ruling party, or the opposition. It is very hard to guess who is right and who is wrong in this crazy country.”
Kristina, student, 23

“There are lots of rumours about the deal between the President and opposition which haven’t yet been proved. The reasons for their possible deal seem to be acceptable – everyone in our country somehow comes from the same playground. I mean the former and new Government can’t be merged with each other; but they all play the same game on money. That’s why we, the ordinary people, are always disappointed at the end…”
Nodar, Economist, 46

“Well actually I heard about such things much earlier. Tbilisi is a small city where people talk of everything and everybody without fear thus I have become confused whether such a deal really exists or not. I hope our opposition is loyal to their promises but still no one knows the truth.”
Irakli, Pensioner, 69

I think there have been, and still are, a certain category of oppositional figures that collaborated with the authorities and act according to the governmental directives. In 2008, there would also have been opposition representatives who dealt with the authorities on some issues and now have high posts or sit in the parliament.
Gela, Biologist, 54

As far as I know, there are speculations that Levan Gachechiladze took some money from Saakashvili to stop street rallies. First of all, I don’t believe in information which is published in Georgian printed media, like Asaval-Dasavali, and others like it and secondly, I don’t believe that Gachechiladze could do something like this.
Teona, Musician, 28

It is very easy to blame someone; however it is more difficult to prove someone's guilt. If somebody presents real proof of such facts I will believe it.
Giorgi, Lawyer, 31