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Turkmen gas supply to China increases

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 17
China's national petroleum corporation stated recently that it received more than 3.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas in one year of functioning of the natural gas pipeline running from Turkmenistan via Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to China. It was opened on December 14, 2009. CNPC is considering an increase of Turkmen gas imports up to 13 bln cubic meters annually. Meanwhile, on the 14th of December Turkmenistan celebrated the day of the geologists and oil industry workers. The Turkmen President congratulated the workers in this sector signifying this day as the biggest achievement of Turkmenistan in its history.

According to scientific research, Turkmenistan has the fourth highest largest gas reserves in the world behind Russia, Iran and Qatar. Currently, Turkmenistan exports its gas to Russia and Iran as well. It has also recently signed an agreement to transport gas through Afghanistan, China and India. There are plans to transport Turkmenistan's gas through the NABUCCO gas pipeline into Europe as well.