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Friday, December 17
We demand Dido to be entered in Georgian state

Magomed Gamzatov, the Head of the "Resurgence”, the association of the Dido people spoke about the problems of the Dido people and asked for the assistance to the legislative body of Georgia. Magomed Gamzatov discussed the corresponding issues at the meeting with Nugzar Tsiklauri, the Chairman of the Committee on Relations with Compatriots Residing Abroad on December 15, Rezonansi reports.

According to his statement, the Russian government has been implementing a targeted discrimination policy towards Dido people and that is exemplified by the fact that they do not have their own representative at the Parliament of Dagestan. Their civil rights are breached, they do not have the right of obtaining education in their own language, there is no hornbook or other books issued for them. The guest from the North Caucasus considers that the rights, language and culture of the ethnic minorities are well protected in Georgia. He noted that the will of Dido people is to unite under the jurisdiction of Georgia and handed to the Parliament approximately 15 000 signatures of the Didos approving the request.

Nugzar Tsiklauri, the Chairman of the Committee, underlined the fact that it is impossible and inadmissible to review the borders. However, he pledged to mediate and assist the Didos at the level of the international organizations. According to his statement, the acting Institute of Iberian-Caucasian languages will pay attention to the problems of the Dido language and he did not exclude the possibility of the publication of a Didoian primary book and grammar book in Georgia.

National Council against Swarovski

The National Council is going to take a case to court against Swarovski Company. As one of the leaders of National Council, Conservative Zviad Dzidziguri said the reason for their decision is Swarovski’s refusal to have Georgian inscription on their shops, 24 Hours reports.

“Non existence of Georgian language inscription on shops means that they do not respect Georgian nation. We have addressed to the company’s officials several times regarding this issue, but we did not get any answer from them. We think the only possible outcome is to address the court,” Dzidziguri said.