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Do you think information on state institutions should be made public and if yes what do you expect from that transparency?

Friday, December 17
I think that yes, people should have an opportunity to know what is going on in different state institutions, what are they doing, how the salaries are shared. We have no information on officials' salaries. We have to live in very hard economic conditions while they hide such information and live wonderfully.
Tamaz, Archeologist, 39

There are some ministries which should not make information public, I mean the interior minister and defense minister in general, these ministries are more closed and should be more closed compared to other ministries. As for the other ones, I think that the society should have information on them.
Giorgi, Policeman, 25

I think that yes, I am especially interested in the information regarding the Minister of Health and social affairs. In addition, I think that the Minister should have a website with detailed information on the prices of different services.
Natela, Teacher, 54

The state is the symbol of unity among the different social groups of the country governed by people generally chosen by the society thus all the information on state institutions should definitely be easily accessible to citizens.
Irakli, Lawyer, 28

Public awareness on activities carried out by the Government of Georgia should be raised through providing them with the relevant database of their activities. We, the citizens should be actively engaged in all the issues concerning the expenses and expenditures of the country.
Lali, Doctor, 48

“Of course I don’t expect 100 percent transparency in a Post Soviet country; however I hope, in time, the situation will improve. I think there is information which should be public by all means. We should know how much our authorities, to whom we actually pay salaries from our own pocket, spend.”
Dodo, accountant, 54

“It is rule number one in any normal democratic country that public information is provided to the public. However, in Georgia it is almost impossible to get even some rudimentary information from the official institutions. It is ridiculous.”
Sopo, student, 23

“One thing I can say is that I don’t really trust the official information. It is always possible to alter the figures, because everything is in the leadership’s hands.”
Giga, unemployed, 30