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What do you think has been the biggest achievement/failure of the government in 2010?

Monday, December 20
As for the biggest achievement, I think that the present authorities have managed to defeat corruption on the lower level, meaning doctors, police people and some others do not take bribes. I don’t know what is going on at the high level, but I think that corruption still exists there. One of the greatest failures is that the authorities could not manage to reduce the level of unemployment in the country.
Giga, Sociologist, 43

From an international point of view, Georgia has become a more respected country, to my mind and this is the merit of the present authorities, herewith, some acceptable reforms have been carried out in different fields. The present authorities have failed to overcome the economic crisis in the country, despite their frequent statements that they have managed this.
Natia, Dentist, 34

They have more international achievements than domestic, which would be more important for Georgian people. When our president or the authorities report against the international community, those people think that everything is going on perfectly in the country, which is far from reality. Increase of fees can be estimated as the biggest failure of the current government taking the economic background into consideration.
Nutsa, Teacher, 55

One of the biggest achievements are that the so called “legal thieves “do not exist in the country, police reform and international growth or rating. The biggest failure is that the current authorities could not manage to normalize relations with Russia.
Nodar, Historian, 40

“The Government of Georgia has failed in almost everything from the domestic issues and the high rate of unemployment to constantly increasing tariffs. They are not at all trying to think about their people but keep the defined policy to create a modern society.”
Elena, Pensioner, 34

“Well the Georgian Government has been fruitful in its foreign policy for the last several years especially after the August war in 2008. I don’t want to say that this military confrontation had been the plan of the Governmental well-balanced “success story” but still we had become an important part of the international community” exactly after the Russian aggression.”
Irakli, Economist, 48

“The Georgian Government has been successful both in national and foreign affairs. With several important projects carried out with the support of the international community, Georgia has managed to be among the most trusted countries for starting up economical and political projects. ”
Gia, Musician, 44

“Oh it would be really hard to judge the Government and name all its failures in one sentence but as a matter of fact, 2010 had been the year of total social reforms in our country. Problems caused by school final examinations, surveillance systems and increasing prices on municipal transport had been the greatest strike on the people. It is really sad that our Government doesn’t think about the people and tries to connect its unsuccessful policy to the world crisis.”
Natia, Teacher, 49