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Analyst on some economic issues in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, December 21
Professor Nodar Khaduri recently commented on the current economic situation in the country and highlighted some crucial issues. In his interview to newspaper Rezonansi, he mentioned that the priority for the country’s economy is to conduct its economic activities in compliance with EU demands as the major priority of the country is to join the organization. Though the anti monopoly service which was finally restored is not working efficiently as of yet. In terms of quality control, the situation has been described as very unsatisfactory. Unless these institutions are functioning properly there is no chance for Georgia to fulfill its EU requirements. According to the professor, the country should elaborate very efficient steps to facilitate accelerated development of the agricultural sector. The farmers should be supported by the provision of seeds, fertilizers, transportation and other useful items. Khaduri also mentioned certain positive steps taken by the state in the direction of improving the economic situation in the country.