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How would you assess opposition leaders’ visit to Moscow and their participation in the opening of the Memorial of Glory?

Thursday, December 23
I didn’t expect that Burjanadze-Nogaideli would make such a bold step and leave for Russia… As a matter of fact Saakashvili had made a great mistake by demolishing the Memorial of Glory in Georgia but still their departure wouldn’t have been positively accepted by the Georgian society either way.
Irma, Dentist, 28

The opposition has failed in many ways the recent years and their mistakes have led to more destruction of their counterfeit unity. I mean there have been so many controversies around the Russian related issue that our so-called opposition leaders had better be more careful not only with Saakashvili but the Georgian people – we have suffered much from the Russian military attack!!! Therefore let us ignore those people and try to build our internal peace.
Mamuka, Engineer, 48

The Memorial of Glory demolished by President Saakashvili had been the symbol of union through dignity. By being too critical towards Soviet symbolism our President has been forgetting the most important issue – the people who had been heroes during those times. They had all deserved better lives, something Saakashvili doesn’t even think of… That’s why as an old patriot I would stress there was no treason in opposition leaders’ participation in opening of memorial – thus they only tried to demonstrate their respect towards the Georgian heroes and their great merit.
Nugzar, Economist,74

I think that it is their right, if they want to go, let them go. As for opening the Memorial of Glory, to say the truth, I was irritated what the monument was destroyed in Kutaisi. The memorial was dedicated to those persons who devoted their lives to an international purpose. So, I didn't feel too bad that such memorial was opened in Moscow.
Gia, Writer, 54

In general, I think that something should change in Georgian –Russian relations and that the politicians of the two countries should have contact and relations. If there were some other politicians in Moscow besides Noghaideli and Burjanadze I would not have been upset. However, these two politicians really irritate me.
Gvantsa, Manager, 29

It was very irritating to me. They were standing next to a man, who hates Georgians, who killed our people and who is occupying significant and arguably the most beautiful parts of our country. For me these people are traitors.
Nikoloz, Soldier, 24