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Friday, December 24
Movement Offers To Establish Working Group On Refugees Resettlement Issues

The Christian - Democratic movement advises the government to establish a special working group for refugees’ resettlement issues, Akhali Taoba reports.

The Vice-Speaker of Parliament and representative of CDM Levan Vepkhvadze told reporters about it at a December 22 conference.

In autumn of this year the government began the process of resettlement of internally displaced persons from places of temporary residence in the capital, which resulted in refugee protests supported by a number of opposition parties.

According to Vepkhvadze, the MPs from the opposition, the majority representatives from the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories- Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia should be involved in the group's activity.

Viktor Dolidze and Kakha Kukava Holding Meeting over Refugees Eviction

Opposition members from the Tbilisi City Assembly, Kakha Kukava and Viktor Dolidze held a meeting at the EU Tbilisi Office concerning the expulsion issues of refugees from occupied Georgian territories, 24 Hours reports.

As Viktor Dolidze stated, they want the refugee ejection procedures to begin from January 15th and they should be conducted in compliance with human rights protection principles.

“We will strive to involve the world community in this process, in order to prevent Georgia’s government from taking the same steps that had been taken this summer,” Kukava added.

According to him, international organizations have very inaccurate information concerning the refugee expulsion process in Georgia and the Opposition has to make considerable efforts in this direction.

“One of the key governmental arguments is that the International society supports the idea of expulsion,” Kukava said.

A similar meeting regarding the topic was also held by Kukava and Dolidze in the Norwegian Refugee Council.