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Burjanadze ready to debate with Gachechiladze

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, December 27
The Georgian party blamed Burjanadze, leader of Democratic Movement-United Georgia of spreading disinformation, while the co-leader of the Georgian party, Levan Gachechiladze, refused participation in discussions with Burjanadze, concerning the newspaper Asaval-Dasavali’s scandalous article, given by Burjanadze’s husband Badri Bitsadze, former head of the boarder protection department, claiming that after 2008 presidential elections, Gachechiladze took a bribe from Mikheil Saakashvili to cease street rallies.

Burjanadze, who has just returned from Moscow, stated that “Gachechiladze demanded discussions and it is unclear for me why he has refused them now. If there is a wish for holding further discussions, I will participate.”

The Georgian party has labeled the statement as disinformation, “Levan Gachechiladze demands confirmation or denial of the facts, and whether Bitsadze really gave such an interview to Asaval-Dasavali or not. In the case of the facts being confirmed, they must present documented proof. Only after that we will debate with them," Georgian party reported.

Before or if such debates actually take place, different political figures must try to make an analyses of that period, “Gachechiladze had no right to make any decision on his own, at that time there was a National council, 12 political figures in it and the decision was mutual. This is only an attempt to somehow sink Gachichiladze. I personally took part in the events and I was among them who supported the idea, people should not to be led towards the place where inauguration was taking place." Oppositional member Goga Khaindrava said.

As analyst Soso Tsiskarishvili told The Messenger, “This was a wreath which oppositional parties gifted one another to immortalize their memories. It is not clear yet, however if the information is confirmed, the question of responsibility for several men must be set in the agenda. Based on the interview, there was an attempt of bribe giving, bribe taking, money laundering and deliberate hiding of the crime. I am surprised that people are mainly interested in whether or not Gachechiladze really took a bribe, when there are other people in the interview with equal or more blame. In any case this should not be the question of the Representative Public Assembly, in case that the Assembly is involved in the issue, it can prepare its own wreath.”