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Monday, December 27
Construction of IDPs settlement will continue in 2011

Rezonansi writes that the municipal fund from the ministry of regional development and infrastructure summed up the current year and presented the projects which may be implemented in 2011.

The event was opened by PM Nika Gilauri who personally ran the supervisory board. In 190 successful projects there are those that were carried out for IDPs. Gilauri stated that such projects are very important for the country’s development. “Our major task is the country’s development especially in the direction of the economy. A lot of work has already been done including work for IDPS and these projects will continue in 2011,” Gilauri said.

According to the executive Director of this fund, during the 2010 year more than 3,000 living places of IDPs have been renovated and reconstructed. As for 2011, 42 blocks of flats are under reconstruction in Tskaltubo and 52 blocks of flats will be constructed in Adjara.

The Minister for IDPs Koba Subeliani stated that construction of flats will continue until each of the IDPs get their temporary living place.

16 Georgian scientists won grant competition for Scientific-Research Internship abroad

First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Koka Sepherteladze and the director of the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation, Sulkhan Sisauri met with the scientists who won the grant competition for a scientific-research internship abroad, 24 Hours reports.

Young Georgian scientists have been working in the leading universities and research centers of France, Germany, the USA, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine and other countries during the last 3 months. They spoke about their experience and relations with foreign colleagues at the meeting.

The aim of the Rustaveli Foundation is to support activities of young scientists, assist them to receive experience and advance qualification through grant competitions for scientific-research internships. The competition is being held for the second year. The Foundation plans to broaden the program in the future.

The director of the Foundation, Sulkhan Sisauri discussed the results of the competition and stated that the program is really successful. According to him, several young scientists who were financed still work at international research institutions where they were sent for their internship. Due to their high qualification, foreign colleagues extended the contracts for several months.

150,000 GEL was allocated from the state budget for scientific-research internships abroad.