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If you had enough money, in which part of Georgia would you invest it?

Monday, December 27
“Georgia is one of the most amazing countries in the Caucasus and it’s not surprising that it has been among the main destinations of foreigners for many years. Being a businesswoman I would try to develop a chain of entertainment centers all around the country, thus promoting each part of Georgia simultaneously. I hope to fulfill my dream in future.”
Nino, Architect, 28

“Well actually I have never thought of this issue because I simply do not have enough money to even think about investing. However, it would have been wonderful to promote Pshav-Khevsureti in becoming among the most desirable places not only the Georgians but also for international guests to visit. I am Khevsur myself and I’m impressed each time I visit my village up in the snowy mountains so I can imagine how others would react to such beauty.”
Malkhaz, Driver, 35

“I would like to invest in Kartli, where the eldest Europeans Zezva and Mzia would impress tourists from all around the world with their antiquity. Yes, tourism is the field for the future generation of my country! We still have so many things to show and amaze the world with!”
Manoni, Apothecary, 23

If I had enough money I would invest in Georgian sea side zone, obviously the western portion of our country. As the number of tourists increased from year to year and with a great sea season, my investment will be profitable.
Goga, DJ, 29

I think that the mountainous regions of Georgia are the best place for investments. Foreign tourists are very much interested in natural environments and different traditions; I think that these characteristics are preserved in the mountainous regions of Georgia.
Natia, Pianist, 31

I have heard about the Anaklia free tourist zone, and I think that this is the best place for investments since it would be profitable in every seasons. If I had enough money, I would build a nice hotel, clubs and other buildings there.
Nodar, Student, 19

I am from Racha and I think that it is one of the best places for a good rest. The nature is wonderful and one could build a complex of resorts around the Shaori reservoir. There are a lot of people in summer and it would be a very profitable development for the local population.
Laso, Economist, 24