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Iran prepared to moderate Karabakh conflict solution

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, December 28
Iran is prepared to facilitate the Karabakh conflict resolution, stated Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on December 23rd. He considers that Iran's friendly relations with both of the confronting sides (Armenia and Azerbaijan) equates to favorable preconditions which would help find a solution for the conflict. The conflict would most certainly be solved correctly and would be in accordance to the rule of law. The Iranian president considers that all conflicts could be justly solved through the negotiations. Ahmadinejad mentioned that despite whatever is published by Wikileaks, Iranís relations with Azerbaijan are friendly, historical and stable. He also highlighted good neighborly relations with Armenia, mentioning the construction of railways which connect both countries. Iran has tried several times to play the role of moderator for the Karabakh conflict solution, however when this was mentioned last spring , Yerevan refused to include Iran as a mediator, highlighting that the negotiations are being conducted within the frame of OSCE Minsk group.