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Certain assessments

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, December 28
2010 is ending and some issues regarding Georgia's domestic policy may now be assessed, from a preliminary level at least.

One the most vivid characteristic is that the Saakashvili administration has strengthened its position. Strangely enough it is not the result of higher ratings or perfect performance, but mostly because of the clumsiness, disorganization and confrontations within the opposition camp.

2010 was a comparatively calm year. If we remember 2007-2008-2009: rallies, demonstrations, protests, Russian invasion and so on. These years were the most dangerous for the Rose administration, however they managed to survive and the result was yielded in 2010 when practically all opposition forces failed to create any valid confrontation wave. People got fed up, protests faded, the population became frustrated with the opposition's false agitation. The major failure of the opposition was that they had no distinct plan of action. The romantic idea that Misha would go when tens of thousands of people come out in the streets proved to be absolutely unviable. The current administration did not go, nor do they want to go; and why should they go? It is better to be at the top, particularly when one's rivals are so weak and disorganized.

Also, the political culture has grown within the population and now nobody wants another revolution. Everybody is prepared to change the government through elections but so far the ruling administration has used its advantages and remains victorious. Having achieved its main goal preserving the ruling position, the rose administration started its counter attack, trying to discredit the opposition leaders and to sow the seeds of discord among opposition forces; using the principle of divide and rule very successfully. It was only two years ago that tens of thousands of people were coming out in the streets at the first call and now there appears a ridiculously small number of people. Recent developments and serious confrontation between two leaders of opposition (Burjanadze and Gachechiladze), further discredits the opposition forces while the people watch this scandalous show with great interest. 2010 signified a real crisis within the opposition and with such a situation the ruling authorities are gaining more confidence, implementing certain unpopular steps such as: increasing transportation fees in the capital, allowing private companies to impose their own rules of the game, while ignoring the poor situation of the population.

The recently adopted constitution, (as it is assessed by analysts), creates a constitutional space for President Saakashvili to become PM Saakashvili after his presidential terms expires. Also, the country has not achieved single progressive step in the direction of reintegrating its occupied territories. Even though it is probably due to the world economic crisis, prices are going up in the country but ordinary people are not interested in the fact that this is a result of higher prices from oil producing countries and other various explanations. People are hungry today, they have problems today, and their children want to be educated today. The gap between rich and poor still exists and continues to increase.