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Tuesday, December 28
Patriarch of All Georgia Named As Person Of Year

Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II has been named person of the year for 2010 as a result of an inquiry carried out by the paper “Kviris Palitra”.

His Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia, Arch Bishop of Mtskheta-Tbilisi, Metropolitan of Bichvinta and Tskhum- Abkhazia Ilia II has been named as person for 2010.

About 400 readers were inquired.

According to the results of the inquiry Catholicos Patriarch received – 47.3% of the vote, Paata Burchuladze -18.3%, Temur Ketsbaia - 9.7%, Mikheil Saakashvili - 8.0%, Nona Gaprindashvili - 2.7%

‘Rose Revolution’ the most Steady Revolution

The Russian edition of BBC summarizes the most important events of the year.

Prominent events of post soviet space were discussed. The article starts with the 6th of May and the celebration of Police day in Georgia that could not be dispersed by the opposition. The main cause of the opposition defeat is said to be its weakness.

The reporter cites Paata Zakareishvili’s comment about the causes of indifference within the society. ‘The West perceives that they have no alternative, Saakashvili managed this through intimidation and bribery,’ Zakareishvili said.

Economic problems are reviewed at the end. The journalist doesn’t exclude street actions from happening next year. 2010 is assessed as year of Saakashvili strengthening his positions.

Four Chinese Citizens Detained In Georgia Released

Four Chinese citizens, detained by Russian military forces in Georgia, have been released.

According to Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region police, 4 Chinese citizens have been in the militia of the Gali district for a few hours.

The four Chinese businessmen were arrested by Russian national security on December 26th near the village Saberi. They were accused of crossing illegally the so-called Georgian-Abkhazian border.

There was a driver, along with a businessman who managed to escape and informed the Georgian police about the incident.

It is unknown yet what the terms of Chinese businessmen’s release were, who are engaged in producing timber in Tsalendzhikha district of Georgia.

Georgian Railways chief delivers annual report

’Georgian Railway’ LLC has summed up its work for the 2010 year. Director General of the company, Irakli Ezugbaia delivered a report to the Minister of Economics and Sustainable Development today. The Minister and the company chief visited Tbilisi Central Station, viewed the reconstructed infrastructure, new cash-boxes and the quick payment service for ticket purchases.

Irakli Ezugbaia said the incomes of the company have grown by 100 million GEL in 2010 in comparison to last year. The freight transportation and the oil transportation have also grown. The total revenue of 2010 is now at 400 million GEL.

Minister Vera Kobalia and Irakli Ezugbaia traveled by a new train reconstructed at Georgian factories and visited the construction of the new faster railway, which is to deliver passengers from Tbilisi to Batumi in three hours. The strategic project is expected to be completed in three years.
(Rustavi 2)

ENERGO-PRO Georgia Completed Individual Re-metering in Gardabani Region Villages

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia completed individual re-metering in the Gardabani region and in the villages of Zemo, Kvemo Kvishiani, and also the Patara Lilo settlements. Modern types of individual meters were installed for 370 customers. The scope of investments amounted to 111, 000 GEL.

In the frame of individual re-metering, 68 reinforced concrete poles were installed and 200 km of cables stretched.

Along with individual re-metering, rehabilitation activities continue. Rehabilitation envisages replacement of poles, stretching new cables and the repair of transformer units. Due to rehabilitations infrastructure of the power grids improves a lot.

JSC ENERGO-PRO Georgia will continue its re-metering project and by the year 2013 will complete re-metering all of Georgia. At the beginning of 2010 the company had already completed re-metering of cities and city type areas (400,000 customers).