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Tuesday, December 28
Tbilisi State University Has New Rector

The Academic Council of Tbilisi State University elected Aleksandre Kvitashvili as the new rector. One of the members of the Academic Council Mariam Gersamia told journalists, 24 Hours writes, that they voted for a candidate who presented the most realistic conceptions.

One of the members of the monitoring group said the polling was in violation of law because the monitors did not have the right to pose questions during the voting.

One more candidate Giorgi Liluashvili says that as Aleksandre Kvitashvili is chairperson of the Academic Council, and that he had no right to take part in the polling process.

The chairperson of the Election Commission Mikheil Devdariani stated that according to the amendments to the law, Kvitashvili had a right to take part in the elections.

The 26th rector of Tbilisi Sate University was elected for a 4-year term by all 12 members of the Academic council. There were 5 candidates in the election.

The university rector position has been vacant since August 13th, 2010, when former rector Giorgi Khubua resigned after a scandal involving the misuse of important and historical books from the University Library.

Grigol Vashadze on Russia

We can’t feel at ease until the last Russian soldier leaves Georgian territories, but we can feel a little better since Russian aggression has ceased, according to a statement made by Georgia’s FA Minister Grigol Vashadze in his interview with Kviris Palitra while assessing the previous year.

Vashadze states that he wants Georgia to be a country with a balanced foreign policy and cordial relations with all neighbors and a place where human rights and the supremacy law will be respected.

According to the Minister, Georgia’s dialogue with Russia is mandatory however, a precondition of free dialogue stipulates another pre-condition.

“When Georgia’s President says that he is ready to discuss the existing problems with the Russian Federation President any time, he implies the full de-occupation of the country and refugees returning to their homes. There will be no other topic with Russia even for the future government of Georgia," he stated.

“There will never be 3 Russian Embassies on Georgian territory. Nobody in Georgia is going to speak with Russia about anything else except this topic. Initially, we have to conduct negotiations in order to resolve the above-mentioned issues," Vashadze said.