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Are you going to participate in the events arranged by the Tbilisi Mayor, dedicated to the New Year?

Tuesday, December 28
I am going to leave Tbilisi for the holiday. That is why I will not be able to take part in them. Last year I participated and I was very satisfied. However, this year I am going to follow the traditions and meet New Year at home, with my family and relatives.
Guliko, Dentist, 32

I like the concerts especially, when Georgian folk traditions are presented. I will attend choreographic and musical concerts with pleasure. I have not decided yet whether I will meet New Year on Freedom square, or not.
Giorgi, Footballer, 25

I think that a lot of money is spent on these concerts, it would be better to have one good concert held on December 31 and to have the money which would have been spent on other concerts to be used for more useful reasons. For example making some presents for the people, like the facilitation communal fees.
Nugzar, Driver, 45

I like New Year events and I attend as many concerts as I can. It is the best time of the year. I am going to celebrate the coming of 2011 and will attend the large scale concert at Freedom Square. Like last year, I hope that the events will be better compared to last year's.
Keti, Student. 19

Yes, why not? Maybe Iím not a great admirer of our Government but still, New Year is a public event, so why should I stay at home and watch TV when I can go and enjoy everything out in the fresh air with my friends?
Irina, Actress, 25

Well actually Iíve been a bit disappointed with our Government for the improper arrangement of New Year event. I just mean that Andrea Bocelli should have been invited to Tbilisi and not Batumi because Tbilisi is the capital. Still I have bought tickets to Batumi and I wonít let this wonderful opportunity slip by.
Giorgi, Economist, 28

I must confess Iím not very excited about the New Year fests arranged by the Mayorís Office. I think everything lacks something special Ė probably happiness among the people living in poverty. I definitely realize that small children are happy to see different colorful trees and side-shows but still thatís just temporary. The New Year will come and we will still be facing the empty faces of our sorrowful people.
Khatuna, Writer, 44