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Saakashvili Addresses State Guard Recruits

By Salome Modebadze
Tuesday, December 28
President Mikheil Saakashvili addressed a group of new recruits from the State Guard Service on December 27th. Highlighting the great respect for the youth in providing security for the state, Saakashvili spoke of Georgia’s “struggle for existence” against Russia which has occupied an important part of Georgian territories by neglecting the rights of Georgian citizens. “The freedom of Georgia, which is so important for each Georgian, is under threat… The fact that our capital Tbilisi continues to develop is the merit of those men who have fallen to the ground like heroes, while managing to deter the enemies,” the President said recollecting the August war in 2008.

Speaking about the great respect towards the Georgian armed forces Saakashvili encouraged the recruits that the Georgian armed forces have been trusted not only by the Georgian people but throughout the world. “You must realize that your unit has been created to follow particular purposes; we are being opposed by a power which is trying its best to derail Georgia from the path of development through an economic embargo and attempts to stage mass internal disorders through direct military intervention hoping the final enslavement of the independent Georgian state, but Georgian democracy managed to overcome all these obstacles,” Saakashvili stated.

Georgia’s initiative to cooperate even with the occupant to investigate all the terrorist acts carried out on the Georgian territories in recent months has been followed by rude responses from Russia thus revealing suppositions about who had actually staged all these acts against the peaceful Georgian population. “So my friends, because the line of defense is also passing here [referring to state guard agency], our responsibility and obligation is to ensure that not a single insidious plan is implemented against Georgia… We are equally responsible for that – me and you,” Saakashvili told the new recruits encouraging them to respond to hysteric threats with calmness and cold-bloodedness but remain diligent and show professionalism.