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How do you prepare for the New Year and where do you intend to meet 2011?

Wednesday, December 29
It was during New Year's Eve last year that I happened to meet my future husband at Goodwill supermarket absolutely accidentally and after a year of dating we are now planning our marriage ceremony just after Christmas. Therefore, all our preparations include dressing, haircutting, makeup and other things involved with the ceremony.
Ia, Painter, 28

New Year is one of my favorite events and I always try to be fully equipped for celebrating it with my family and friends at my big house. Since I am busy working at my office for the whole year I started the preparation process a long time ago. After buying presents for my wife and children we decorated the house, bought lots of New Year toys and now we are waiting for the New Year with pleasure.
Givi, Businessman, 49

This year I decided to make presents for all my family members from my smallest sister to my grandmother. It was really interesting and pleasant for me to find out all the relevant things which they had dreamt about during the year and fortunately I have managed to overcome this obstacle and now I just hope that they will like their gifts.
Salome, Interpreter, 24

I have done one thing as of now, which was decorating the house and fir tree. I have not bought presents yet and I hope that I will manage this before December 31st. As for where I will meet the New Year, I can definitely say at home with my family and relatives.
Nino, Doctor, 43

I bought some products for the New Year, those which would not be spoiled. To say the truth I don't have a great feeling about the New Year, as I do not have some optimistic attitude. I hope that my mood will be changed for the better. I will meet the New Year with my friends in my friendís flat. After midnight we might go out.
Natia, Cashier, 31

There are several things I have to do in the pre holiday period. Every year I decorate the fir tree, it is my duty and receive presents. I think that I have brilliant duties. Furthermore, I have already made a list of guests, which is also a very responsible duty. However, I am not meeting 2011 at home. This year I will attend the open air concert s dedicated to the New Year with my friend. It is the third year that I have been meeting the New Year outside.
Elene, Student, 18