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Touristsí inflow expectations

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, December 30
The tourism industry has recently become the highest priority for Georgia and president Saakashvili is personally supervising the development of this sector. Georgian officials are highlighting that 2010 was particularly successful from the perspective of tourism for the country. Much has been done to increase the speed of developing tourism infrastructure. In 2011 more than 3 million tourists are expected to visit the country.

For the first 11 months of 2010 Georgia hosted more than 1.8 million tourists. The figure is 38% higher than same period of last year. New tourist destinations were created and promoted in 2010: Mountains, skiing resorts in Svaneti and Adjara, the seaside resort of Kobuleti, Kvareli preserved territory, the reconstruction of Kutaisi, and the creation of free tourist zones in Anaklia and Kobuleti. Under the presidentís initiative, businessmen who invest in Georgia's tourism infrastructure will be given serious benefits. Eventually these activities will create extra jobs and more tourists willing to spend their money.