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Thursday, December 30
Georgian party Joins Veterans’ Protest

Georgian Party declares its solidarity with the veterans and joins their cause, 24 Hours reports.

As the party’s press release informs, "The leader of Georgian Party join in their quest of fair demands. They will take part in the press conference today. The protest movement’s organizers will once again voice the content of the veterans’ demands to the society."

Georgian Party declares that the government must not belittle the people who served their country so well and should stop their humiliation.

Veterans, who participated in the1992-93 and 2008 wars, have been protesting on Heroes’ square for several days. The veterans accuse the government of ignoring their problems and demand improvements in social conditions.

9 Citizens of Georgia Detained at Belarus-Poland Border

9 citizens of Georgia were detained at the Belarus-Poland border. They planned to cross into Poland illegally, the central television of Belarus informs, 24 Hours reports.

The Georgians were found in a mansion house. The eldest was 34 years old. They said the house provided shelter from the freezing cold. They confessed later that they intended into Western Europe for New Year. They planned to cross the border at Grodno.

The detained persons planned a route by using maps and internet. They were noticed by locals near the borer which caused their plan to obviously fail. The Georgians face punishment for illegally crossing and border and breaking into a house.

Informational-Analytical Web Portal Presentation in Sukhumi

A new informational-analytical web portal was presented in Sukhumi, Apsni Press reports, 24 Hours writes.

As the Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Kalinovsky stated at the presentation, will not only be a media channel but a common cyber space for Abkhazian and so called South Ossetian bloggers. Ongoing events in the South Caucasus Republics and relevant analytical data will be posted on the portal.

It only publishes information related to de-facto Republics. As of now, the latest news on the portal dates from December 25th.

The web portal contains the categories of news, politics, analytics, economics, youth and society. There is a heading “Mirror of Georgia” with the latest news referring to one of the refugees from Abkhazia having become the jackpot winner of the Georgian Lottery.

There are no contact details for the editorial office on the web portal, neither an e-mail nor a telephone number.