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Your greatest wish for 2011

Thursday, December 30
“Every year is special for me because being a 30-year-old woman with some achievements in different fields like interpretation, business studies, and experience in working with NGOs; I am somehow inspired to do more than I have already done in my life so far. Therefore, the only wish I have for 2011 is for more success, new achievements and definitely happiness for the people who I love and care for.”
Elene, Interpreter, 30

“I want a car and consequently the patience to save money for it. This is the first thing in my long list of wishes for 2011.”
Sopho, Journalist, 22

I have a lot of wishes but most of all, I wish to see my parents at home in Tbilisi. They work in Greece at the moment. I wish that there would be places for them to work at in Georgia and that they would never have to go abroad to earn a living.
Natia, Student, 19

I wish to launch a very successful business and to earn a profit next year. My former business interests turned to be less successful. Now I am more prepared and more experienced and I hope that 2011 will be lucky for me in the business field.
Nika, Economist, 28

I am the only one who works in my family and my wishes for 2011 are very materialistic. To tell the truth, I am really fed up with these communal fees and especially when the authorities are increasing them. I wish that the government would think more about poor people and reduce communal fees or set privileges.
Davit, Engineer, 38

“My greatest wish, not only for 2011 but for all the following years is a chance to continue studying abroad.”
Guram, Doctor, 24

“My greatest wish is to earn so much money, that I don't have to work for the rest of my life and spend my days traveling around the world.”
Mzia, Reporter, 25

“My greatest wish is to spend the next 3 years studying at Sorbonne University. It’s a long-term dream, not just for 2011.”
Maiko, Student, 19