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Who do you want to be your “mekvle” (somebody who visits you first in the New Year)

Friday, December 31
To say the truth, every new year I have one and the same Mekvle, this was of course, after he was born, he is my grandson. He is a really brilliant boy and since he has been our Mekve, nothing bad or unacceptable has happened to our family. This year, I wish once again for him to be our Mekvle.
Nugzar, Historian, 65

I have the greatest desire, for our Patriarch Ilia II to be Mekvle of our family this year. I think this is kind of dream, however I havea desire for such a grand Mekvle. It would bring an unimaginable amount of happiness to me and my relatives.
Nino, accountant, 34

Well, at the present moment I have some financial problems and I would like to see someone on December 31st, who will fix my problems, like some rich man who will be ready to give me a really nice present.
Nodar, Student, 21

It is has been almost 4 years and the same person comes to my family as Mekvle. Things have been going well so far thus this year so we will have her as Mekvle again. This is just a tradition and I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with giving good or bad fate but anyway, I like it.
Sopo, journalist, 22

Mekvle is a part of Georgian tradition: they say the way you enter the apartment for the first time after the New Year, this will be the same way you start your year. It is a folk saying but as part of our traditions we always let one of our family members out for a few seconds to let him/her enter first and bring joy. This time I think I wouldn’t mind trying to be one – I’m a “cat-rabbit” according to my horoscope.
Natia, Dentist, 36

I don’t have a special wish for my Mekvle. I don’t believe in old sayings and prefer an easier life style but still I would like it to be the real Santa Claus from Lapland so that my 5-year-old girl would feel as if she were in a fairy tale.
Maka, Musician, 26

Traditionally, in our family the Mekvle is my younger sister. She is believed to be bring us good luck. We have never tried anyone else as Mekvle, so I can’t really tell you if it is true or not. The fact is that she benefits a lot from this, because usually my parents and my grandparents give her some money for being Mekvle. It is a very profitable “profession”.
Maka, accountant, 24

“I don’t believe in this tradition. In my childhood my grandmother used to be a Mekvle. Now I live apart from my family and my Mekvle is usually someone who is my first guest on January 2nd.”
Tamta, bank employee, 25