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Tuesday, January 4
Citizens of Georgia Belarus Moldova Ukraine and Russia can work in Poland

From January 1st 2011 citizens of Georgia Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia can work in Poland without a work permit, GHN reports. The decree was signed by Iolanta Fedk, the Labor Minister of Poland. Foreigners are to present only papers from their employer, and the Polish employer must write an application to the labor department for the recruitment of a foreign citizen and must register the worker.

For number of emigrants, according to the WBDR, Poland ranks as 10th in the world. The local population in Poland decreases as mortality exceeds fertility and the number of emigrants exceeds the immigration process.

Iranian companies to construct hotels in Kobuleti tourist zone

Two more investors joined the Kobuleti tourist zone. GHN was informed that the government commission announced two more players in the construction of hotels in the so-called Pichvnari territory (formerly an archeological site). In total 10 investors will construct a new infrastructure in the Kobuleti resort.

8 investors are permitted to construct 15 hotels in the tourist zone. The construction work has already started.

Mikhail Machavariani: we have one aim a free and united Georgia

Parliamentary Spokesman Mikheil Mahavariani congratulated all of Georgia on the New Year and wishes for is to unite and become stronger. Mahavariani said in a conversation with GHN that the chief aim of the executive and legislative government is to make Georgia stronger and united. "I am congratulating all Georgian people, all those who like us or not. We have one aim, to have united and strong Georgia. I wished for all our citizens, regardless of nationality to have a job and to be paid, to be useful for the country, "- Mikheil Machavariani said.

He noted that all of us have to find out, what makes us closer and what does not, as we are now living in a very difficult period.

Over 400 prisoners pardoned in Georgia for New Year

Hundreds of families in Georgia have received special presents for the New Year. The Georgian president pardoned over 400 prisoners.

Proper documents have already been sent to the Ministry of Correction and Legal Assistance. Minister Khatuna Kalmakhelidze said 339 prisoners were supposed to leave prisons on Friday (December 31), while sentence durations will be twice decreased for 58 prisoners.

Among the pardoned prisoners 16 are female, and one is underage. 407 prisoners in total have been pardoned.
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Majority MPs introduce new Tax Code for businessmen in Kakheti

The members of the parliamentary majority arrived in Kakheti region yesterday and held a meeting with local businessmen. The lawmakers and the representatives from the Ministry of Economics discussed the privatization procedures with the entrepreneurs.

Majority MPs say such meetings with private sector are very significant for the development of business.

The members of the ruling party plan to hold similar meetings with businessmen in other regions of Georgia.
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4,400,000 jackpot transferred to winner's account

The 4,400,000 jackpot has been transferred to the winner's account. Zamira Tordianva, an IDP from Abkhazia, won the jackpot a week ago. This morning, the Georgian Lottery Company transferred the money to her account at Liberty Bank.

The winner says she plans to buy a house and donate the funds to the church.
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12 year-old boy died on New Year's Eve

A tragic incident occurred on New Year's Eve in Tbilisi. A bullet shot from a hunting gun by a man from his balcony hit a 12-year-old boy, who was watching the fireworks from his balcony too. The incident occurred in the Mukhiani district of Tbilisi. The boy was hospitalized but doctors failed to save him.

The killer surrendered himself to the police.
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