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Did you like the New Year concerts in Georgia and what do you think about spending money to bring foreign singers to Georgia for this occasion?

Tuesday, January 4
“I spent the New Year with the singer of my dreams – Andrea Bocelli in the Batumi rain. I was really amazed to be so close to him and share the emotions I got from his live performance. I think I had the best New Year's Eve possible, including any future events in my life.”
Elene, Painter, 19

“I will be honest and express my great disappointment towards the New Year events in our country. I still wonder why the citizens of Tbilisi had to listen to recently “revived” show-business stars while there was a wonderful concert in Batumi I just wonder…”
Ilia, Lawyer, 25

“The Government of Georgia spends so much money in organizing international festivals throughout the year that I was not at all surprised with the New Year concerts held all around the country. I just wish that the government would have been wiser in spending the money rather than inviting various artists for the people who are almost dying with hunger in their tiny destroyed houses.”
Jemal, Driver, 44

“I don’t really like holding central concerts in Batumi. This seems to have been established as a tradition already. Most of Georgia’s population lives in Tbilisi and it is not very easy to leave home on New Year Day to go to Batumi and attend a concert there. I think the government or whoever is making the decision on this issue should give more thought regarding this subject.”
Lali, accountant, 38

“I think the concert in Tbilisi was a total failure, I would not spend a single tetri to see the artists who performed at that concert. As for the concert in Batumi, it was wonderful as far as I could see on TV. I don’t think it was a waste of money to give Georgians the opportunity to attend Boccelli’s and other world famous singer’s performances without paying a lot.”
Meri, tour operator, 25

“I went out to attend the concert at the parliament building, but I regretted it later. It was a poorly organized, absolutely fake concert with singers lip-synching instead of performing live. I think it is a shame for Tbilisi to have such a concert for New Year.”
Maka, IT specialist, 24

"I liked the concerts very much, I was in Batumi on December 31st and despite the heavy rain, I had an excellent time. It was one of the best concerts in my life. I welcome and hope that such brilliant singers as Andrea Bocelli are invited to Georgia."
Salome, Bank Employee, 29

"Well, to say the truth I don’t like the concerts which are held outside during the New Year period, they are pure imitations of foreign concerts and not even good imitations. It would be better to have more folk elements involved in the concerts. As for inviting foreign singers to Georgia, as far as I know, a lot of money is being spent on such events, it would be better if that money would be used inside the country, to feed a lot of hungry and poor people which we unfortunately have."
Gia, Historian, 51

"Holding concerts outside for the New Year holiday is not a bad thing, I usually celebrate the holiday at home, however late at night I go out and attend part of the concert. I would have gone to the Batumi concert with great pleasure, but I could not. The New Year concert in Tbilisi was not bad, but not very great. I am not against inviting famous foreign singers to Georgia, however, based on the recent economic situation in the country I don’t think that spending such a significant sum on such events is a good idea, it irritates people more than it pleases them."
Nino, Teacher, 25