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Ecological inspection of cars

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, January 5
The ruling administration is initiating different programs which are means towards establishing civilized rules of the game which are found in most developed countries. For instance, the usage of safety belts has recently become obligatory and those who disobey this rule face serious penalties. A similar law concerns the issue of tinting car windows. In 2011, an ecological inspection of cars might be put on the agenda. Police might start detecting cars which pollute the air. As it is known, most of the cars running in the country are second hand European, American or Japanese cars. So many of these cars could be banned which would be a great blow for the population. On the other hand another issue may appear; the low quality of petrol sold in the country. The number of cars in the country continues to increase. In 2000 there were around 250,000 cars registered in Georgia, 2005 - 400,000, and in 2009 - 660,000. From the latest number, only about 30,000 cars are less than 5 years old. Almost 270,000 cars are older than 20 years. If these cars are checked according to European standards of ecology, there is high probability that even the cars which are younger than 5 years will have problems with qualifying. If strict checking takes place, it is likely that the amount of running cars in the country will diminish. This will cause a deficit in motor transport and proceeding from the disability of population to buy new cars, there will be a serious crisis in the country. Another issue is the quality of petrol. From 2008 country has moved towards using Euro 5 standard petrol. However, low standard petrol is still being used in the country. There are low standards of quality in this direction. The petrol business has powerful lobbies in the state structures and therefore this issue will also have very controversial results.