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It has been 7 years since Saakashvili has become Georgia's President. How do you assess this period?

Wednesday, January 5
“I think that overall, Georgia has become a more or less normal country during Saakashvili’s terms in office. At least we have 24-hour gas and electricity supply. This was something unimaginable during Shevardnadze. We should not turn a blind eye to the positive changes that have happened in Georgia during this 7-year period.”
Badri, doctor, 40

“Everything has its advantages and disadvantages but the result is that the country has been developed and is still developing.”
Keti, Program Manager, 23

“I can say that there have been both positive and negative events during Saakashvili’s presidency. Internal affairs have been absolutely uncontrolled all these years – I mean people have never felt the state support while on the international level everything has been ideal. I just wish our Government would be more careful with their people and consider the needs of the society or else their plans for a prosperous country would just be the next failure.”
Irakli, Scientist, 48

“If it were not for the August war, Saakashvili would have been considered quite a successful leader. However the tragic events of 2008 has discouraged and frustrated many of his supporters in and outside of Georgia.”
Kato, teacher, 28

“Increasing prices and raising communal fees, the loss of territories, the deterioration of human rights – this is what we have seen in Georgia lately. I think it is quite difficult to speak positively about Saakashvili judging by his background and the listed grievances.”
Medea, unemployed, 54

Well, I think that it was a very difficult period for everyone. I can not ignore the positive changes in the country, which have been carried out by the current president’s leadership. There is no problem of electricity in the country, roads have been and are being rehabilitated, and the country is looking more like European countries. However, as the authorities frequently state, much is left to be done.
Gia, Manager, 29

It is really difficult to estimate another man’s activities and behaviors when you are not in his place and when you don't have to make decisions which reflect on the country's fate. The only thing one can say is that the ordinary people’s conditions have not been improved. Still, there is a very difficult economic situation in the country and the number of emigrants is increasing due to the lack of jobs.
Nugzar, Historian, 53

Everything has its pros and cons. There are some positives within the seven years and negatives as well. In general, there is one great black spot on his governance; the loss of our territories. Within the country, there are many positives as well, in the administrative direction a lot of successful reforms have been carried out, the corruption level has been significantly reduced, and service of state structures has been improved among other improvements.
Tamar, Bank Employee, 32