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Thursday, January 6
Concert held in conservatoire on Patriarch's Birthday

A special concert was performed at the Tbilisi Conservatoire dedicated to the birthday of His Holiness and Beatitude, Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II. The Tbilisi Chamber Orchestra and Tbilisi Opera and Ballet House Orchestra performed Tchaikovsky and Mozart at the concert. The Choir of the Patriarchate sang hymns composed by His Holiness.

Artist, Murman Jinoria led the event. He read poems by popular Georgian poets. The documentary movie by Tamar Bartaia entitled "Visiting Patriarch" was also shown to the guests.

The Parliament speaker, First Lady and other popular public figures attended the concert.

His Holiness blessed the nation and wished the country a Merry Christmas. (Rustavi 2)

Parole commission to discuss more cases

Twenty-seven convicts were discharged from prison under the decision of the Parole Commission late Tuesday night. The Parole Councils assembled Tuesday and approved 27 of the 31 cases they discussed. Three minors and one woman were among the convicts who were released before the term of their sentences expired.

The commission was assembled on Wednesday to discuss more cases. (Rustavi 2)

9 persons detained with charges of swindling

Employees of the Georgian Steel Metallurgical Plant have been detained for inflicting material damage on Indian investors via a knavish scheme. Representatives of the Special Operative Department exposed the crime.

As reported, the employees of the Georgian Steel Company had a bargain with contractors (suppliers of scrap metals), who used to artificially increase the weight of raw materials. In some cases they used to add some slag admixture to the scrap metals. As a result of the mentioned activities, the detainees used to misappropriate large amounts of money.

From the operative activities carried out by law enforcers, 9 persons have been detained. If they are found guilty, they may face ten years of imprisonment. (Rustavi 2)

Education minister viewed construction works of a new school

Under the decision of the MES, a new school for 200 children will be constructed in the village of Melaani, Gurjaani district. One million GEL will be allocated for the project.

"The new school will be opened by September 15th, 2011," said the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkini, who visited the construction sites together with Director of the Education and Science Infrastructure Development Agency of MES, Irakli Todua. (Rustavi 2)