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Thursday, January 6
Kakha Kukava Calls on international Organizations to Supervise Government and Police

Leader of Free Georgia Kakha Kukava asks international organizations to supervise the work of the Georgian government and police, 24 Hours reports.

Kakha Kukava told journalists about it after a meeting with representatives from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The eviction of refugees was the main topic of discussion.

"The Georgian government plans the next stage of refugee eviction on the 15th of January. We saw our police action two days ago on the heroes’ square. To avoid such action in future, we ask international organizations to supervise the activity of the government and police to avoid the eviction of refugees from the capital of Georgia," Kukava noted.

Deputy Head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Christopher Bervirt said that they had very constructive dialogue with Kakha Kukava and they exchanged viewpoints regarding the refugees’ displacement.

"He received detailed information about the refugees' situation... We perceive that the displacement of refugees in order to provide them with long-term housing is inevitable, but it must be transparent and refugees must be informed. The government and the opposition must continue dialogue on the issue, since the fate of refugees is a very important issue and every politician must be responsible for it," Bervirt said.

Online Privatization Project to be Implemented in 2011

Georgia’s Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development will implement an electronic system of privatization. The statement was made by Minister Vera Kobalia to journalists, 24 Hours reports.

“One of the key projects this year will be the furthering of transparency and the facilitation of privatization processes, and for this purpose, an electronic privatization system will be implemented,” Kobalia said.

Moreover, a 2-year plan to correct the sailors’ certification plan will be set up. In 2011 the Ministry will take charge of rehabilitation efforts at the Kutaisi and Zugdidi airports.

“The Zugdidi Airport will practically be rebuilt, while the Kutaisi Airport will be rehabilitated. An airstrip at Tbilisi International Airport is also planned to undergo maintenance,” the Minister of Economy added.