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How safe do you think Georgian consumers are from falsified products and how can Georgian products be protected from being counterfeited on the international market?

Thursday, January 6
“Falsification is a worldwide problem; Europe can hardly deal with it so I can’t judge our local chances. Still, I hope one day our government will succeed in establishing special mechanisms for preventing any falsifications, both on internal and external markets and that consumers will be safe from any disasters.”
Keti, Lawyer, 25

“I think we are never safe from anything in the Georgian market because hardly anyone knows where all the “international” products are arriving from. Does anyone ever check their origin, date of usage or other necessary information for avoiding the fatal demise of their consumers? I think not – that’s my answer.”
Nikoloz, Architect, 28

“Unfortunately I doubt our safety at an internal level. As for the protection of Georgian brands on the international market - I think there are lots of counterfeits there as well. Some media inquiries have proved how our neighboring countries have been trying to use us by offering Europe Georgian goods under their titles. I think it is a shameful act and the Georgian Government should ensure the registration of all national products which are being exported.”
Mamuka, Doctor, 45

"Georgian consumers are not protected at all, there are a lot of falsified products on the Georgian market and the authorities do not think to check them properly. Herewith, there are also genetically modified products and we do not know which are natural and which are modified or falsified. This is a very serious issue and it is related to our health. The Government must pay attention to it."
Nino, Doctor, 42

"At a first glance it is a funny issue since you can find products and clothes everywhere with famous brands labels at a low price, which is a really unacceptable thing. The same thing is taking place with food. I do not speak about the hypermarkets in Georgia as I believe they provide good products, however in other places, situation is really bad. I do not think that Georgian products are being protected in foreign markets, as well."
Giga, Ophthalmologist, 32

"It depends on the place where you buy the products and the price. In general, the situation is not satisfactory in Georgia and the Government should actively work in this field."
Nutsa, Manager, 28

“I don’t really think we as Georgian consumers are properly protected from consuming falsified products. I am not aware if there is a comprehensive institution which would explore this issue. To be honest, I don’t even know how to differentiate a falsified product from a genuine one.”
Dali, housewife, 44

“I think the situation has become much better compared to previous years. At least I have not had any complaints when buying and consuming Georgian products. If you buy food and other things in a closed market, the possibility of buying a falsified product is much less than when buying in open markets.”
Lela, accountant, 51

“I am trying to buy genuine products because I am concerned about the safety of my family. However it is not always clear if the product is falsified or not. I can’t really say for sure if I am always buying good quality products, so it is hard to judge whether the situation in Georgia (in terms of falsified products) is bad or not.”
Salome, insurance agent, 33