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Problems with Armenian tourism

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, January 11
The Armenian media believes that to holiday in Armenia is rather expensive, which is a problem for the most of the Armenian population. A 3-day break between December 21 and January 3 in the Hotel Armenia in the tourist resort of Stepanakert costs USD 550, and if one wishes to attend the New Year's party, that will cost a further USD 85. In the ski resort of Tsaghadazor, a 7-day package at the Golden World Hotel costs USD 1400 after 6 January, while the Nairi Hotel charges USD 42 per day, according to Armenian newspapers. The papers also report that for around USD1500-1700 2 people could spend 3-4 days over the New Year period in Egypt or Antalya, leading the Armenian media to conclude that that the tourism industry in Armenia cannot develop if prices are not compatible with those world tourism markets. However it was also mentioned that despite the high prices, hotels and rooms in the major tourist areas such as Dilijan, Tsaghadazor and Sevan were overcrowded.