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Do you think Georgia can become a competitor or alternative force to Russia in the North Caucasus region?

Tuesday, January 11
To tell the truth it is unimaginable for me, how Georgia can oppose Russia regarding the North Caucasus and in any issue like this. It is fact that the situation in the North Caucasus has worsened and those regions have been fighting against Russia for years. However I do not think that Russia will allow any country to be its rival or an alternative force in the region, as Russia really needs this region.
Guram, Historian, 52

Well to my mind, it is a bit exaggerated that Georgia can take Russia’s place regarding the issue. I think that what is going on in North Caucasus is not only an issue for that region and Russia; everything that happens in the Caucasus impacts all of the nations in the region. I consider that the Georgian authorities attitude towards the North Caucasus and decisions made concerning the region lately are acceptable - we should have closer contact with all regions of the Caucasus and enable the region to defend itself from Russian aggression.
Tinatin, Teacher, 35

That statement is based on the Georgian government's current policy towards the North Caucasus. In 2010 Russian ruling forces made serious mistakes regarding the issue, when Georgian decisions have been assessed positively and welcomed by those nations. I cannot forecast what role we might play in the future regarding the issue; however we should support Caucasian nations.
Gia, Sociologist, 45

I think Georgia has its historical past which differs from the Russian one… So I think there can be no talk about any alternatives between the two countries. Russia has its policy, economics, culture and we have ours! Let us live our lives and leave others alone!
Nikoloz, Student, 21

Georgia is not trying to take Russia’s place – it’s all great nonsense. The Georgian Government has been trying to improve the national infrastructure, attract international visitors’ attention and thus promote the country worldwide. Georgia is a small but prosperous country while Russia is the opposite… We don’t need to be compared with Russia - we have different values and a strong statehood but still they are our neighbours and let’s try to avoid additional confrontations just for the sake of our people.
Tamar, Administrator, 28

I think that the person who said this is too naive. Since the day it was created Russia has been striving to become an owner of the North Caucasus region and it has happened so. I don’t think that tiny, weak Georgia will ever be able to become Russia’s competitor in any region, especially in the North Caucasus.”
Dato, Civil engineer, 53

Georgia can become an advanced democracy with a super economy, but never a competitor of Russia in the North Caucasus region. We will need a million-men strong army in order to at least try to compete with Russia.”
Levan, Unemployed, 47

“I think yes, Georgia can do that but not in the next 50 years. First Russia should become weaker and the North Caucasus region states should become stronger. In this case Georgia has a chance to have more influence in the North Caucasus region.”
Keti, Student, 24