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What do you think about tourism in Georgia? How is it developing and in which part of Georgia would you spend your vacations (summer, winter)?

Wednesday, January 12
I think we have a lot of prospects in terms of tourism. It is a great pity that many Georgians have been abroad, yet have not been in Tusheti or Svaneti. I think we should promote not only international tourism in Georgia but also tourism inside our country. “
Tatia, Student, 20

I would spend all my vacations, summer or winter, in the mountains. I love trekking and have been to a lot of places with my friends. We take tents and food and have a great time in remote beautiful places of Georgia. I would recommend everyone to follow our example.
Temuri, IT, 28

I prefer spending my vacations abroad, in Turkey for example. Hotels are even cheaper than in Batumi and the service and weather are much better. So why should I stay here in Batumi lying on a dirty beach, when I can enjoy beautiful beaches in Turkey?
Goga, Accountant, 31

I think Georgia has wonderful tourism potential due to its unforgettable nature and sightseeing. Being a tourist I would definitely see all the parts of the country and enjoy each wonderland. But we Georgians see nothing special in just sightseeing; we always worry about the money spent for improving the infrastructure and compare it with the potential income.”
Eter, Housewife, 48

Each and every part of Georgia is beautiful with its individual resources, minerals, lands… and I’m really glad that foreign investors are interested in our country and its tourist opportunities. There is only one question that worries me, especially concerning the national spirit – I mean will the Georgian Government manage to “keep control” of its wonderful country if all the parts of Georgia have been “distributed” among various business owners? If yes, I welcome tourism infrastructure, if not – I would prefer keeping my national spirit rather than joining the western or eastern standards and becoming the part of other civilizations.
Lia, Teacher, 61

Well, think that Georgia has significant tourism potential; the most important is that how this potential will be used. I am really glad that Svaneti is being paid such great attention by the authorities; however I do not think that investing such great finances only in this region is acceptable. The attention should be shared equally on the mountainous regions, as there are other regions, which might be very attractive for the tourists in Georgia. “
Gaga, Economist, 29

“Positive moves in tourism in Georgia are obvious; however there is one bad thing that Government repeats frequently. They are announcing and making serious PR of the areas or regions, which are being rehabilitated, or where there are two or three normal hotels while other things are only partially done, meaning the infrastructure. Trust in tourism is a very important thing to my mind, when the tourist arrives here and will not find such things you have mentioned through the media or by other means, he will not come again.”
Mamuka, Manager, 34

I am Georgian, but unfortunately I have not been in the most beautiful parts of our country. I have never been to Svaneti or in Pshav-Khevsureti. I would spend my summer holidays in those regions with pleasure. As for tourism, I think that a lot of good has happened concerning tourism development in the country lately.
Maka, Biologist, 24

I’m very proud that I’m Georgian and I have a unique opportunity to see all the places of interest around my country. There are really lots of things to see at each tiniest village in the east and west, south and mountainous north but my favorite summer destination remains Racha – the land of sour waters with impressive names. As for the winter choice – I would prefer Pshav-Khevsureti and Svaneti most of all! So the real admirers of beauty and healthy air visit Georgia and share the Georgian spirit!
Eka, Journalist, 25