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Thursday, January 13
Noghaideli ousted from his party leader post

Members of the party of ex-prime minister of Georgia, Zurab Nogaideli, managed to oust him from his post as leader of Fair Georgia Party. The Georgian Ministry of Justice made a decision in favor of the party members opposing Zurab Nogaideli and decided to register this party again with new staff, 24 Hours writes.

The Ministry of Justice approved the application for change of the party's board members and registered a new board composition.

According to the amendment, Nogaideli automatically resigns as chairman of the party and only remains as an ordinary member of the board.

Upon the decision of the dissatisfied party members, Nogaideli will remain a party member unless he covers the debt to party members. Because of debts to the party members, who during the local elections acted as propagandists of the party, Noghaideli was deposed by dissatisfied party members during the congress. Members of Fair Georgia also do not hide their distain and are unpleased with Noghaideli's frequent meetings with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

It is noted that Noghaideli, no longer being the chairman of the movement, remains as an ordinary member of the Board prior to the payment of debts not paid to the participants of the program "The door behind the door."

Medvedev Awarded Georgian Singer

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has awarded singer Diana Gurtskaia with the order of friendship, 24 Hours reports. According to the Newsland, the blind Georgian singer was awarded for her active role in charitable causes. Diana Gurtskaia has assisted children with eyesight problems for the past five years along with her fund Calling of Heart. She also founded a music festival for juniors of the CIS countries.

Svetlana Medvedeva, spouse of Russian President, was invited to one of the festivals

Georgian Party Demands Exemption

The opposition Georgian Party is demanding an exemption for 400-GEL for those detained during veterans’ protest action, 24 Hours.

In this regard, lawyer Gela Nikolaishvili will enter a plea to the administrative chamber of the Court of Appeal.

Among the 11 persons, fined with 400 GEL, is Shota Iamanidze, one of the leaders of the youth organization of the Georgian Party.

There was a crackdown at the Veterans’ protest action of 3 January.